by weyheyhey !!

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2Bhere4U #notdead #justresting
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2Bhere4U #notdead #justresting So what'd he borrow from ya? Or is this a hush hush type money scenario ? We have to know.

Oh yeah....sick EP! Favorite track: Jakazid Literally Owes Me Money.
Martin Yankov
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Martin Yankov Alan's crystal clear approach to drum breaks and insanely energetic vibe are something which caught my attention from the first time I heard his "pianohouse megarave mashup". Probably one of the best breakcore artists of our time. And the perfect blend of rave and breakcore too :)))) Favorite track: Effection (Part 2).
Bobby Matheus
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Bobby Matheus BACK ONCE AGAIN WITH THE RAVECORE MASTER! From the man that is Weyheyhey !! The EP is one of the best EP's of 2016, soon as its been released, it turned into a classic! hands down, breakcore or ravecore whatever you wanna call it, this is one DON of a release! Big up to Alan Weyheyhey and Amental for this classic! :D Favorite track: Jakazid Literally Owes Me Money.
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drivenbwoy Weyheyhey !! revamps his elusive charm with a fresh set of 5 Ravecore-Breakcore tracks to set you away on a brand new journey.
With ravishing breaks and an overall hyped and fun atmosphere. For those who don't believe me, check it, and believe me. You'll instantly fall in love.
Big up, Weyheyhey !! Favorite track: Jakazid Literally Owes Me Money.


released April 27, 2016

Thanks and sorry to all the actual, genuinely, talented people whose samples I nicked for these songs. Big thanks to Ali for sorting this release. Love to Dom, Modes, Dave, Dylan, Josh, Dinn, Liam and Luke you've all been utterly splendid this last year thankyou. Mixed & mastered in Chiang Mai, #thailand #thefareast #theorient.